Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, and I Really Should Update My Website

Q: (for Christina) How much time to do you spend writing vs. platform?

Christina: They was she uses her time depends on where she is in the process of a book project. You need to learn to steer your own ship and prioritize and don't drop your craft time.

Q: Do any of you pre-post your tweets?

Kassia: She times out her posts depending on what audience she's getting to. The average lifespan of a tweet is 5 minutes. When you tweet you're only getting an audience if they're online and they're reading you. If you think something is important, you may want to post is several times over a day or several days to have more reach.

Q: What determines how ou respond to Facebook posts?

Jane: When I'm prompted, I respond. She uses Twitter in a really intergrated way because she feels like her personal and professional lives are meshed.

Kassia: I feel like a lot people do Facebook wrong. She only accepts a friend request on her personal Facebook page if they are not her actual friends. She does not want people to know personal information about her.

Christina: She uses Facebook for professional purposes only. She doesn't want to hang out with people in her personal life online. She enjoyed connecting with other writer mamas. She finds it interesting to see how people respond to her posts. Nobody really used these tools in the exact same way.


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