Saturday, September 19, 2009

Agent Panel: From DIY to Traditional (Cont.)

Candid observations from the agents on most of the self-published books out there:

--They need professional looking designs—including both cover packages and interior layouts.
--They need professional copy editing.
--They need better titles, which make just as much of a first impression on potential buyers/readers/agents as the designs do. Miriam Kriss observes: “People who can pick good titles generally can write.”
--They need to be able to demonstrate better sales figures. At minimum, Jenny Bent says, agents want to see a regional success story—meaning the book has sold strongly in the author’s region.

The key takeaway: If your book is well written, if there’s a market for it, and if it can stand out from the pack in these four areas, you have a better chance of getting agents interested in your submission of previously self-published work.


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