Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ask the Agents Panel hosted by Chuck Sambuchino

Q: Is there an advantage to publishing an ebook?

Regina: It depends on how many units you sold. If the record is good, that can be positive. 100 copies is not impressive to a publishers.

Q: Do you have to personalize your query letter for each agent?

Michelle: Yes. It shows you've done your research.

Regina: Think of it as a cover letter for a job search. You'd definitely tailor it to the recipient.

Q: Are there hurdles for a non-US citizen in getting published in the US?

Regina: Part of it is the marketing piece of it. If you can show you'll promote the book in the US, there shouldn't be a problem.

Q: I have a well-developed non-fiction proposal, but I'm just beginning to develop a platform. Should I submit now, or wait a year?

Michelle: Often agents will work with you in developing the proposal as you work on your platform.

Regina: I wouldn't submit the manuscript until the platform is more developed. However, there are categories that don't require as rich a platform for their authors.


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