Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ask the Agents Panel hosted by Chuck Sambuchino

Q: What does an agent do?

Jessica: We're looking for a long-term working relationship. Dealing with contract is also important role for agents.

Regina: Accents help wade through the slush and offer agents the cream of the crop. She also helps authors come up with marketing plans.

Q: What do you need to do before you contact an agent?

Michelle: For nonfiction, you have to establish yourself as an expert and get your proposal together, then research agents and choose perhaps 10 to query.

Jessica: For fiction, you have to finish the manuscript in brilliant condition. Your first ten pages have got to be brilliant. You have to wow agents from the beginning. In a query, show that you'd done research on the agents.

Regina: For picture you don't need illustrations, you shouldn't include illustration notes, and you can generally submit the entire manuscript to an agent with a letter (but check agents' requirements). For YA, MG, tween books, she prefers query and first chapter. She recommends SCBWI.


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