Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, and I Really Should Update My Website

Christina: Set up Google alerts on yourself so you know what other people are saying about you. These can be viewed in Google reader as well.

Kassia: She has allerts set up for her full name, her last name, and common misspellings of her name.

Christina: Has approximately 10 Google alerts set up.

Jane: What's something that you find essential on a daily basis?

Kassia: Twitter. She rarely reads email newsletters anymore. She can accomplish on Twitter and 15 minutes what used to take her an hour and a half.

Christina: Facebook. She's visual. If she had to choose between Twitter and Facebook, she'd probably choose Facebook. But she uses Twitter to expand her reach. She uses Tweetdeck to organize her Twittering.

Jane: She interacts on Facebook and used Twitter as a listening post.


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