Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Guess if I Called Out Jane's College Poetry ...

I better "call out" myself too. Last night I took part in the inaugural WD Poetry Slam and, while I've never done one before, it was AWESOME! I didn't completely embarrass myself (no one threw anything), but I'm certainly a novice (what is up with my hand waving so much!?). And while I thought it would only be available to a few dozen people, a person out to get me friend (The Writer Mama herself) posted it for all the world to see.

So, without further ado, here's my embarrassing attempt at being a slam poet. (If you comment, please be kind. :-)



  1. Hey, Brian, I thought you were great. Sent your slam to my husband, just to show him other people embarrass themselves in public, too, not just me. ;-)

  2. Robert is breathing a huge sigh of relief that he didn't get up there now that he sees you on YouTube, I'm sure. However, he didn't provide a link to Jane's college poetry either. But now I guess I'm kind of asking for it let me reframe this as a simple desire to show everyone how much fun we had at the poetry slam last night. I was impressed with your poetry performance and I'm sure others will be as well. :)