Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ask the Agents Panel hosted by Chuck Sambuchino

Q: Are there hard and fast rules for synopsis format?

Jessica: Three-five pages is typical. The most important thing is that the writing sings. Remember that the synopsis is typical the first sample of your writing an agent sees.

Q: Rejections?

Jessica: Interns do not make decisions on rejections. She does her best to read and evaluate everything.

Q: Series queries?

Michelle: Let agent know there is a series in the works, but query just one book.

Regina: Just simply make a note that there are other books in the series.

Jessica: But be sure to have synopses ready for the other books in the series in case the agent asks for them.

Q: Should you find an agent locally?

Regina: Agents in New York can have different kinds of relationships with editors than agents in ohter cities. Agents in other locations often make frequent visits to New York.


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