Friday, September 18, 2009

Jane Friedman: What Type of Writer Are You?

1. The "God" Category—You want to be published by the big six publishers, make millions of dollars. In fiction: Story is king. In nonfiction: Platform, platform, platform.

2. "Growing" Category—People who are starting out and are focused more on the writing and have room to grow in the marketing world.

3. "Authority" Category—Do you know your audience better than a mainstream publisher? (This is especially key in nonfiction writing.) Small publishers may also be in tune better to specific, niche audiences. This is key for any author looking to target a key group of readers.

(Jane's in-depth breakdowns on these were great. Good insight on what it'll take on your end to work toward the goals of each category.)

Do you fit into one of these categories? Which one?


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