Sunday, September 20, 2009

eBooks, Kindles, and the Digitization of the Industry (continued)

What were the challenges and lessons for ebooks?

Biglione: There are no industry standards and best practices. There are so many platforms. It's also difficult to define whether you're an author or content provider. The changes are moving so quickly.

Curtis: Ebook publishing is actually fiendishly complicated. It seems simple to users. But questions of rights, pricing, and technology are complex. This is why a decade ago ebooks were beginning to be talked about the so-called trend fell off quickly. The industry have been quietly regrouping.

Chapman: It's like if Barnes and Noble, Borders, and an independent publisher all wanted a book on different colors and thicknesses of paper. What's the publisher supposed to do.

Biglione: It's an evolutionary process.

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