Sunday, September 20, 2009

O'Hanlon closing address (continued)

O'Hanlon wraps up with his own story of how he went from "Pissed to Blissed."

The short version: He never enjoyed writing, but wanted to "have written." The way he started writing was the he got "pissed off" after leaving home, dropping out and feeling suicidal. He became interested in the field of psychotherapy where he discovered people in the field didn't care or take it seriously. He was angered by this and felt that to be taken seriously he should have a book. So he was spurred to become an author.

He closes with a quote from Churchill: "Never ever give up."

"What are you doing sitting here listening to me for," he adds, "Get up, go home and write."

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful conference! Best of luck to you all! Thanks so much on behalf of the entire staff at Writer's Digest.


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  1. This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended, and I'm a constant conferencer, because I believe that whatever your level of expertise you can always improve by connecting with conference presenters and participants. The O'Hanlon closing remarks were right on target because we need the energy to reach our goals. After each session and chat, I added to my growing to-do list. So now, I've got to get to it and do it!