Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have Breakfast With Some of the Stars of the Publishing World

Breakfast with the Stars is the most important meal of the day on Saturday and Sunday at the Writer’s Digest Conference: The Business of Getting Published September 18-20, 2009 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York City. At these events, conference attendees get to network with publishing and marketing experts in a social setting and enjoy some thought-provoking talks given by key presenters.

Jane Friedman, publisher of Writer's Digest, kicks off breakfast on Saturday, September 19, talking about websites and blogs every writer should be reading. See if your favorites make the list. Next up is author Al Katkowsky, who will reveal how he took his idea, Question of the Day, from a simple group activity to a published book, and then turned it into an application for the iPhone, where it is still in the Top 50 in the Book category of over 8,000 apps. Peter Clifton, president and CEO of, winds up the morning, advising on how writers can take advantage of his new website which offers custom web pages for 1.8 million published authors with an active ISBN in the U.S. or Canada.

On Sunday, September 19, author William Cane discusses how writers can get on the college lecture circuit. When his book, The Art of Kissing, was published, he became a highly sought-after speaker on the college lecture circuit and has spoken at more than 400 colleges and universities. Next, digital media consultant and publisher Kirk Biglione takes a look at digital rights management (DRM) and explains what it is in non-technical terms. He’ll also discuss the realities of digital media piracy and the impact that competing DRM systems are having on the development of the marketplace for e-books.

Jane Friedman wraps up Sunday breakfast with a talk about how the online writing and publishing world has exploded with new opportunities to help writers get published and get noticed by agents and editors. New community sites like WeBook and Authonomy put writers in collaboration with other authors/writers to qualify the best stuff, and get noticed by talent seekers. Friedman will share information about new and free digital publishing services that also give writers exciting ways to create and share content across multiple devices (e.g., iPhone or Kindle), that can test ideas or help promote writers and their work. And best of all, no tech experience is required.

Breakfast with the Stars is an add-on program to the Writer’s Digest Conference. Conference registrants can add on to the day for $35 a session. Tickets for either breakfast-only are $55 each.

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