Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Five Reason to Attend Writer's Digest Conference: The Business of Getting Published Conference

If you're serious about your writing career, you need to be at the Writer's Digest Conference in September. Here are five reasons why:

1) You'll get a one-on-one, professional evaluation from a WD editor.
The WD team interacts daily with writers from all walks of life and we have deep experience evaluating publishing materials. At your one-on-one editor meeting, a Writer's Digest editor will review your writing and discuss what paths are available to you, where you should focus your energy, and how to position yourself for greatest success. Plus: 10 writers who register for the conference and submit materials before the September 1 deadline will be selected to meet individually with an agent.

2) You'll start building relationships for long-term success.
Having a successful career as an author means you need to start building relationships with other writers, authors and industry people TODAY—not when you need something. At WD's The Business of Getting Published conference, you'll meet and interact with other writers, editors, agents and industry experts—and in-person networking is so valuable.

3) You'll move your career online.
If you've been holding off on building an author website, starting a blog, or jumping into Twitter, this conference will show you the best practices in the field. Don't wait to start until you have a book ready to sell–you need to get known BEFORE the book deal. You can do that online—and we'll show you how.

4) You'll learn the ins and outs of marketing and promoting your writing.
Once a book is accepted and published, a writer's job is just starting. Successful authors know it takes time and energy to market and promote a book, both on your own and in partnership with the publisher. WD's The Business of Getting Published shows you how the marketing and promotion process works—in person, online, and through social media tools.

5) You'll learn nuts-and-bolts information not covered in most writing conferences.
Most writing conferences focus on helping you hone the craft of writing, but being a good writer is only half the puzzle. You need to know how to find your audience through publishing, promoting and selling your writing.

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